Thank You For Condolences Message – Death is an inevitable thing in life. It is painful to lose our loved ones around us. In this time of grief, people will send their sympathy and condolence message to comfort us.

The list below is a composed compiled word thank you message after death, thank you for condolence message, sympathy thank you message to copy and paste to share to our love for their care.

Thank You For Condolences
Appreciative Thank You For Condolences Messages And Prayers

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Thank You Messages After Death

Your kind message of condolence was greatly appreciated, and we received comfort and strength from all your uplifting words. It is hard to imagine how different life is going to be for us, but are thankful we have the support of treasured friends like you.

I would like to take this time to sincerely thank those who have sent cards, messages, and texts over the last month. Your words have meant a lot to me as I mourn the loss of my mother. I apologize for not responding to each message personally, but please know that each note brought me comfort during this difficult time.

No words could ever express our appreciation for the love and support you have shown to us after the passing of (name of deceased). We are deeply grateful.

[we] would like to thank you for the support and caring help you gave us during a very difficult time. Thank you for your patience and kindness.

The funeral was difficult, but we needed to say goodbye and celebrate [name of lost loved one]’s time with us. Thank you for coming and supporting us in our grief. Your presence was appreciated and made this experience a little less difficult.

It is difficult to describe just how much your gesture of support in our time of need means to us. To have a reminder from the people that care for us that we are not alone in our grief is immeasurable.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your condolences. It is only with the help of the wonderful people in our lives that we will be able to get through this.

Thank you all for the notes and kind words that you have sent after the unexpected loss of my brother. I have shared the messages with the other members of my family, and they have brought great comfort to us as we grieve our loss.

Thank you for coming to the funeral and visitation for [Person’s name]. Your presence was appreciated and I think you for your kind words of encouragement.

was a source of great joy in our lives, and we will miss (his/her) fun-loving nature and keen sense of humor. Thank you for honoring (him/her) in such a sincere and heart-felt manner. We greatly appreciate your loving tribute. With Warmest Regards.

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Thank You For Condolences Message

It is hard to express just how much your words of loving support meant to me during the most difficult time in my life. Losing my beloved has been unbelievably hard. I am still struggling from day to day, but I was comforted and encouraged by your kind note of condolence.

Many of you have already heard about the recent death of my father. He passed away last Tuesday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. As I mourn the loss, I have been comforted by the messages and kind words many of you have sent. Thank you for thinking of my family and me.

I want to thank you for being at the funeral. Having you there was a comfort to the family. We all love you and appreciate your support of the family.

At times, this loss has left me feeling adrift. Through it all, your understanding and support have been the anchors keeping me on an even keel. Your wise words and loving-kindness are the compass points that allow me to map the way forward into the uncharted waters that lie ahead. Thank you so much for your thoughtful condolences.

Thank you for being with us in our bad time, and for your kind messages. Thank you for your kind words in this time. It really means so much.

Thank you to those who expressed condolences when my ex-husband passed. I will share those messages with our children. They appreciate your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

During this hard time, holding on to the purest hearts like you is what we need to do. Thank you for your good wishes for our family.

thank you for your kindness and sympathy during our time of loss. it gives us much comfort to know that you are thinking of us as we grieve our son’s death.

At this time, when I might have felt alone, you have offered me the treasured gifts of your sympathy and understanding. I find it hard to express in words how much your love and concern have given me strength and helped me to carry on. Thank you for your condolences.

Thank you for your condolences and prayers for our family. It really means a lot to get a friend alongside in this circumstances. Thank you the amazing sympathy and support. It really did help a lot.

I sincerely appreciate each message sent after my mother’s death. My mom was an amazing, strong woman. Not only did she raise five children, but she also worked alongside my dad on the family farm. She drove grain trucks, maintained a huge garden, volunteered at every church function, and was an active member of our community. She is already terribly missed.

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Sympathy Thank You Messages

Your words were so kind and very much appreciated in these tough times. You are such a thoughtful friend, and it meant to much to have you with us.

Like the fragments of a patchwork quilt filled with memories of love and laughter, I am trying to stitch the pieces back together, one memory at a time. Thank you for your expression of sympathy and for helping me through the loss I have experienced.

Our entire family appreciates your time and sacrifice. We know it wasn’t easy for you to get to the funeral, but we’re glad you made it a priority.

Thank you for the stories and memories you shared during the funeral. They truly helped our family and highlighted what a special person [name] was. We were so glad to have you there with us.

It meant a great deal to me and Mom that you came to the funeral. Thanks for being with us. Your presence at the funeral was a great comfort to me.

Only a moment you stayed, but what an imprint your footprints have left on our hearts. He spoke well who said that graves are the footprints of angels.

Without the kind words and the presence of friends and family, this loss would be too great a burden to bear. Your sympathy and support have immensely helped me. Thank you for your condolences for my loved one’s passing.

Thank you for your support and thoughtful words in this difficult time. I enjoyed our conversation. Your condolences reached me in a moment of despair and lifted me. Thank you for your sympathy.

A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.

I want to thank you for your sympathy and for being my pillar of strength during this sorrowful time. I look to you as my way out of the darkness and know that for every shadow I see, you are the light that guides my path to healing. Thank you.

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Thank You For Your Sympathy Message

I want to thank you for comforting me with your kind words and consistent presence through this difficult time. Your support and friendship have allowed for some happiness to exist despite the overwhelming sadness I am feeling. I know that with the help you give, this dark time will pass.

Thank you dear friend for your great concern. It touched my heart deeply. Your recent visit to me was a great relief for me. Thank you for your sharing.

Thank you so much for the condolences. We truly appreciated the warm words of comfort. You’re a true friend.

When I feel sad and tears begin to flow, I am reminded of the kind and wise words in your note. Thank you for the love you have shown me in recent days. It has helped me to look up and not down, forward, and not back.

My heartful thanks for your sympathy and consoling words. Your sympathy note is really very touching. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

What is lovely never dies, but passes into another loveliness, Star-dust or sea-foam, Flower or winged air. What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

My heart has been filled with deep sorrow, so I want to thank you for your comforting words. They helped me realize that I am not really going through this on my own. I also know that I need to be able to ask for help when I feel dark clouds of grief closing in.

Your participation and service in the funeral was such a blessing. I can’t thank you enough for spending so much time with us at the funeral home. Your presence made it feel more comfortable.

The sympathy card that you have sent me is your angelic presence with me. My words are too poor to express my thanks. Thank you dear for your sympathy that shared your great affection. Your sympathy during my adversity is matchless.

In this time of grief and loss, we want to thank you for your comforting words. By sharing our sadness with others, we find that our hearts have a way of healing. Your friendship has strengthened our spirits and has allowed us to start to feel joy and happiness once again. Thank you for your support during our time of loss.

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Thank You For Your Condolences Message

Appreciative for your company in this hard time. You words were so kind and you helped me to get through this. Thanks a lot.

This experience of loss has sometimes felt like being in a foreign country. Things look similar, but it’s like everything is suddenly in a different language and difficult to understand. In the middle of this all, your wise and thoughtful messages of understanding have helped me to begin to find my feet and remember where I am. Thank you for the condolences everyone.

Loss has been eating at my heart, tearing a hole that feels all-consuming. Yet, from this dark place, seemingly devoid of all that is good, you are a twinkling light of hope. Your soothing words shone like stars in the night, brightening my spirit with the reminder of your friendship. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

Your words were so kind and very much appreciated in these tough times. You are such a thoughtful friend, and it meant to much to have you with us.

Our hearts were much heavier before we received all of the hopeful and sweet messages. They were really overwhelming. Thank you so much.

it was very nice of you to think of me in this time of sadness. i appreciate your thoughts and prayers. thank you for your touching letter. i really enjoyed hearing from you. the story you shared about my mother made me smile.

Thank you a million times for your sweet messages. They more than touched the family and me. We know that wherever our dear one is, he/she’s resting in the bosom of the Lord.

Thank you for the lovely card. I really appreciate your kind thoughts. Mary always said you were the best work colleague anyone could have had. You helped her to cope during the early part of her illness and she really appreciated your visits to the home and hospital.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your affection and love. Honestly, thank you could never sufficiently show my gratitude. If I could, I would carve out a message with the ink of my heart to write a letter of gratitude and love for everything that you have done. Thank you, my love, for everything that you do and everything that you are.

Being there for each other during a hard time is what friends do. Thank you for showing me the meaning of true friendship. I appreciate your kind words towards our loss.

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Thank You All For Your Condolences Messages

Some days are better than others, and I know that is to be expected. What I did not expect was the comfort your note brought me. Your words of love and care meant so much. Thank you for taking the initiative to enter into the painful darkness that I am going through, and to be there for me. Thank you for your message of condolences and sympathies.

As the memory of my loved one overwhelms my thoughts, my sadness grows like ripples in a pond. Your words of sympathy bring me hope. They console my broken heart and quiet the stormy emotions inside my mind. I really can’t thank you enough for your support during this difficult time. You are a true friend.

I honestly can’t say thank you enough. Your generous donation has truly helped lift a burden off our shoulders. It means so much to us to have your support.

Words of sympathy and hope are important during such a difficult time. Thank you for sparing some time to come and visit us. Thanks a lot.

my mother lived a long, full life. although her passing is a sad milestone for me, i am grateful for having her with me for so many years. i appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring more than i can say.

I can’t seem to put into words how thankful I am to you for your kind and gentle messages! They brought me real comfort in my darkest moments. And for that, I remain forever most grateful.

It has always been a privilege to have you for a friend. I don’t know how we would have coped with the loss of our wonderful son if we hadn’t had your huge support. Thanks never seems enough at times like this.

Right now, I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers and condolences. My siblings and family have been touched by the messages we have received since the passing of our mother. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

Thank you so much for your sympathy. We accept your condolences and prayers. Your valuable time to send us such messages is what gives us hope to rise again.

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Thank You For Your Condolences And Prayers Messages

Thank you all for your condolences regarding my grandfather. To those of you that you knew he was a good man. He is no longer in pain.

I am grateful to those who sent me their condolences the time of grief I was going through. I feel a little better and it is thanks to the support I received from you.

I want to thank you for your much-needed support during this difficult time. Like a solitary candle on a windowsill, you have brought some light to me in this time of darkness. You have helped guide me from the cold to the warmth and comfort of your friendship.

During the painful loss of my dear husband/wife, you were always present to make sure sadness didn’t drown me. Your message of condolence gave me the faith to carry on and make the best out of what was left. I will always appreciate your thoughtfulness, concern and love!

i can hardly express how grateful i am for your attendance at my brother’s funeral. it was so good of you to take the time to be with me and my family.

Thank you for your condolences about my aunt. This is a difficult time as heaven gains another angel in its ranks. Please continue to pray for my uncle and cousins as they work through this difficult time.

I am not very expressive, but I want to let you know that I appreciate your condolence messages and prayers. May your prayers reach God.

Thank you for your condolences. This tragedy has recentered me on what is truly important in life, and there is nothing more important than friends and family. Your friendship and understanding when I really need it means the world to me. Thank you so much.

My siblings and I will remain forever grateful to you for your support, prayers, and condolences during the passing of our parents. May God bless you beyond measure.

Thank you for the lovely flowers you sent us. They were really beautiful. It has been such a comfort to know that you were thinking of us while we were saying goodbye to our wonderful Mum. It’s been a really tough few weeks, but with the support of friends like yourselves we are getting through it. I hope that we will be able to catch up soon.

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